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Denpasar Tourism

             Denpasar, the capital city of Bali, is economically based on tourism as a firm sector. It offers multiplier effect and brings a significant contribution to Balinese society in general and Denpasar City in particular. It's regarded as a spirit to support other sectors involving the advantages of development. This booklet provides tourism statistics, facilities, objects, and attractions in Denpasar City. It’s created to improve the quality of service in tourism and to establish tourism investments in Denpasar City. We hope this booklet will enhance and provide your information about tourism in Denpasar City
         Denpasar City was formerly a center of the southern Bali kingdom of Badung. It was conquered by the Dutch during the military expedition in 1906. Although it remained as the administrative center of the Badung Regency and later it became the administrative center of Bali in 1958. After Denpasar City became an administrative center, Bali experienced unprecedented growth in physical, economic, social, and cultural.

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