Badung and Kumbasari Night Market

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  • Denpasar
  • 00.00 - 00.00
  • Denpasar
  • 43123215 Visitors / Day
  • 37 Minutes to Airport

Badung Market is Bali’s largest traditional market, located right on the western side of the Badung River. The Kumbasari Art Market is on the other side of the river, and both are connected by a small bridge, forming one of the largest shopping epicentres of Denpasar, mostly offering goods and daily necessities sourced by local residents at prices deemed the cheapest on the whole island. The market never sleeps, with stalls offering a continuous flow of fresh goods from farmers and fishermen from all over the island, from fresh fruits, meat and poultry and groceries, while Kumbasari houses slow-moving items, from fashion items and fabrics, handicrafts and souvenirs. Badung Market’s open-air grounds, right next to a large parking space, takes on its night market scene from 18:00 when vendors set up tents and offer traditional snacks and local cuisine.


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