Segara Village Hotel

Denpasar Selatan Jln. Segara Ayu, Sanur, Denpasar Selatan (0)

  • Beach
  • Denpasar Selatan
  • 20 Visitors / Day

Segara Village Hotel is a sanctuary of tropical charm that recreates the ambience of a traditional Balinese community. Encompassed within a garden of native greenery, this beachfront retreat celebrates the island's unique culture and rich artistic heritage. Conceptually modern but forever Balinese, Segara Village Hotel welcomes travelers with warm hospitality that is second to none.

The guest room features Indonesian furnishings, private balconies with a garden or pool views. Guests can join a local market tour and cooking class, weekly cultural evenings feature Balinese dances and music. Relaxation options include a massage at the spa or some quiet reading in the library.

It is situated right across his old hotel and consists of 10 bungalows. With years of experience in the industry, Mr. Kompiang based his last project on a breaktrough yet indigenous concept of village community of Sanur. It actually enhances the unique local quality that is the reason Sanur becomes what it is today. Mr. and Mrs. Kompiang can look back to all the difficult years they have gone through and sit back to enjoy the fruits of their hard work. Now the Segara Village Hotel is a 5-hectare property consists of 117 bungalows equipped with international standard facilities. Segara Village Hotel complex, with their own wonderful architecture, modern yet stays true to the Balinese ambiance.


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